Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baseball vs. Reds

Despite missing practices all week and Thursday night's game, J was a starter for Friday night's game. Rather than the usual 2nd base or Center field, Coach decided to try him on 3rd base. J played a lot of 3rd base last fall so the position wasn't new to him. He was definitely ready for some just never happened.
J had 2 at bats tonight. The first one he was walked and the second he struck out. He prefers striking out to walking anyday...but it's best to get a hit!

I managed a quick shot as he ran by me after scoring. When I have to juggle the scorebook and the camera, somethings gonna give...too bad it was the pictures...I need to train a replacement soon - or hire a photographer. It was a pretty good game. The Diamondbacks won 10-0. So another shut out on the books. Go Diamondbacks!

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