Monday, March 29, 2010

School is back in session

Wouldn't you know it? This week is Spring Break for all the kids in the neighborhood - except mine! How do I keep doing that?!  I guess if life didn't twist and turn and throw a few wild pitches we'd be able to stay on schedule. We got a bit behind due to that impromptu trip to Michigan last week. And, to be fair, we were a bit behind anyway, just because I like having a totally flexible schedule and sometimes I flex it a bit too much :)

For a Monday, the day went tolerably well. I hope tomorrow goes a better, obviously. We need to focus on getting caught up and getting ahead. I'd actually like to finish the school year by the end of May if humanly possible. Right now it's looking like the end of July - which does NOT work for me! Nor will it work for the kids, I'm sure. I wonder how much I can push before they snap? Before I snap?

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