Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Yellow Bicycle Love!

I was tooling around the internet, looking for some inspiration, and I decided to pop in to 2peas and see what was going on, take a peek at the new hot products, get some fresh ideas for scrapbook pages. I was NOT disappointed! Check out some of these great finds from Little Yellow Bicycle!

Clothesline Fabric Flowers

Clothesline 10 Things Pocket

Clothesline Fabric Embellishments

Generation Z Clear Cut Film Strips

Generation Z Fabric Tags

Generation Z Metal Gears

I am so in love! The Clothesline products are so beautiful. I could easily use several of those products! And the Generation Z?! Those are totally rad, man! hehe...ehem... in fact, they are quite popular, as every item I looked at was already SOLD OUT! I'm so putting these on my wish list! So, any family/friends reading my blog can hop on over to 2 Peas in a Bucket and pick up a few of these for my stocking!

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