Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun New Top

So I went shopping at the local thrift store recently. I found this top and immediately felt a connection to it. Normally I only wear solid colors, in T-shirt style cuts,  so this print (and style) is really pushing me outside my comfort zone. I carried it around the store for a while, thinking it over, trying to envision myself wearing it and with what would I pare it? and then I got myself all frustrated so I put everything back and left. Which is usually what happens when I go shopping for clothing. :(

A couple days later I was still thinking about "that" shirt, so I went back for it. I thought about shortening it but then I wore it around the house for a bit and got used to the length. I did have to wear a shirt underneath as this top has an insane V-neck! I will need to find some camis in the near future.

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