Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little Man Turns 12!

Happy Birthday, Little Man!
The Big "12"

We started the birthday morning by sleeping in...always a good thing! And then we headed down to the ballpark to do some batting practice. Chad finished work early today so when he got home he came down to join us at the field for a bit. Then, after we cleaned up J opened the cards sent by the family and  we went to CiCi's for lunch. We love Cici's! That's why we don't go very often :) 
After lunch we ran a couple errands and then J headed back to the ballpark for team batting practice. After practice he came home and opened his gifts. Boy was he surprised!

His new shades. He needs them for baseball. But I had in mind a secondary use when I purchased them:

Protective eye gear for when his dad attacks him with his own birthday present!
J has been talking about these big, new Nerf guns forever. It's been on his list forever. Well, forever ended today, because he got not one, but two of them! (Gotta love those BOGO sales!) Plus, it just wouldn't be as much fun if dad couldn't defend himself!

Boys will be boys. Gotta love 'em.

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