Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life of Us - 2010 - Saturday

8:30 am walked into the concession stand

9:30 am went to check on the kids
they were all having fun
12:00 pm went to publix to pick up milk, bread, and sugar :O

12:30 eating my tuna salad sandwich and checking the weather report for monday
12:35 J is now playing ball on the football field
and then K asks me to run her home for a second.
3:30 pm I'm still in the concession stand working on stocking and Coach Mike asks J to join them for practice - Coach Mike was J's coach last spring - great guy
4:30 we're doing inventory
and we count everything
7:53 we're finally home from the baseball field. I spent 11 hours down there working today! Just call me baseball insane because crazy doesn't cover it.

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