Saturday, April 03, 2010


Doesn't that just bring a huge smile to your face?!

The beast is finally paid in full. Aftere 5 long years of making payments, missing payments, extending payments...we finally did it! And we actually paid it off 8 payments early! Whoo-hooo!

We sent the final check at the beginning of March. A week later they called to remind me that I was "2 payments behind and would I like to make a payment today?" I reminded them that I'd already requested the payoff and that the full balance was in the mail already. Three days later they called me again. Let me just say I will NOT being doing business with that particular company again. Sad communication skills.
When the paperwork came in with the PAID stamp I took a picture and asked Chad if we should frame it.

That's just how happy I am that the truck is now paid off!

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