Friday, April 02, 2010

Round-Up - March 2010

It's Round-up time again! Amazing how fast the time flies!

1. What magazines/books did I read this month?
Can you believe I didn't read a single book this month? I was too busy knitting :)
I did glance through some scrapbook magazines, Lucky MagazineTaste of Home Healthy Cooking, and my latest copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. And even though I didn't read an entire book, I did skim through several knitting/crocheting books, a couple vegetarian cookbooks and some books on the properties of Atoms, and the Periodic Table.

2. What TV shows/movies/plays did I watch this month?
The usual suspects: NCIS, Project Runway, Shear Genius, House. I also started watching Human Target. Chad likes it better than I do. As for movies, we went to the theater to watch Alice in Wonderland (LOVED it!), we rented Where the Wild Things Are (but didn't like it), 2012 (eh), Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie (funny), and I know several others...I just can't think of them...must not have been that great.

3. What fun things did I do with my family/friends this month?
We've spent lots of time working in the concession stand together and countless hours playing baseball. We also drove to MI to see family and we got to meet little Connor (finally!) And the boys and I had a paper boat race! It was a lot of fun and only happens when we get a nice strong rain.

4. What gifts did I give/receive this month?
Not a lot going on in the gift department this month. Sheri on the 29th -I gave her an 8x8 scrapbook for Connor's first Christmas. All she needs to do is add pictures and journaling. Chad on the 31st - he got a new feather pillow and some pillow sheets AND tickets to go see the Blue Man Group!

This is going to be sooooo much fun! (but not til spring breaks are over)

5. What special or unusual purchases did I make this month?
We bought some bulgar to make some Kibbeh for Chad's birthday dinner!

6. What illnesses/health concerns did I have this month?
We have all been healthy but that unexpected trip to MI was to see my mom. She had had a minor stroke and we just had to go and see her and make sure she was okay. She's doing fine now, thankfully.

7. What were my accomplishments this month?
Well....the kids are almost caught back up on their schoolwork...
I finished knitting my first sweater/wrap. It's awaiting final assembly stitches..but still...the major knitting is finished! I also managed to remember to join in the I Heart Faces photo challenges :)

8. What were my disappointments this month?
I didn't get in as many miles as I would have liked. But I do know I have time to get them under my belt. I just need to go, go, go!

9. How did I do on my goals this month?
I've been blogging regularly (except that trip to MI), got in about 1/2 of my walks, kids are almost caught up on schoolwork, and 2 big ones: paid off the truck loan and paid off a small credit card! We're getting there!

10. Anything else noteworthy for the month?
We said good-bye to our Oregon friends. They needed to get home and it's a long trip.
Best Buds D and J (J is whispering to D that he can hide in our truck) LOL!

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