Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life of Us - 2010 - Wednesday

This is how beautiful our day was today! After 2 days of rain, the air was fresh and clean, the breeze was cool and gentle, and the skies were painted blue and dotted with fluffy white cotton puff clouds.
I did laundry today, like I do almost every day. This time I took a few minutes to myself and folded the laundry there. Good thing I did, because when I finished sorting the socks there was one sock MIA. I rechecked the dryer but no luck. I rechecked the washer but didn't see first. It wasn't until I looked up along the walls that I found that sock, clinging for dear life and wondering where his mate had gone...
I flat ironed K's hair again today. She wouldn't let me take pictures last time, but I snuck a few this time. While I was putting the finishing touches on her hair, she got to work on her Science.
Part of doing laundry is scrubbing the clay and grass stains from J's baseball pants. They didn't make it into the wash today. But I'm sure I'll have another load before Friday's game!
Lunch was easy peasy today. PB&J all around! But look! There's an odd man out! Who likes their sandwich toasted?
I spent about an hour doing some cleaning. One of the biggest jobs is keeping all the shoes orderly. The shoes at the door are the ones we wear most of the time. There are 4 of us in the house, but 9 pairs of shoes/flip flops at the door!

You know those yummy "yogurt covered" pretzels you get at the store that are so good, yet so bad for you? Yeah, well, I tried to make my own today. It was a good try, but no joy. I'll be trying again another day
After school was finished, K and J went outside to play with the neighborhood. I actually caught a rare smile on the face of my lovely teenaged daughter!
Proof that I have a boy living here: broken plane (that still flies, Mom!), action figures, matchbox cars, and his bike, parked where it doesn't belong.
I spent the afternoon going through almost all 50 library books, sorting out the ones that can go back and placing markers in the books where I need to copy out recipes, craft ideas, and knitting patterns. The picture is crooked because the camera was balanced on a pepsi max box and I guess it tilted just before it took the picture. I'll probably fix it in PSE, or maybe not. Life isn't perfect, ya know?
Once Chad got home and had a bite to eat he headed down to the ball park to do some work in the concession stand. He came back a couple hours later to pick up the kids and take them down to pick up trash and watch the game. I went down about 7 to get some pictures of them. It's funny how bringing out a camera makes everyone skittish. :)
After I left the game I got dinner started. While waiting for the water to boil, I started a new crafting project! I decided to recycle all those nasty plastic bags that keep piling up when someone doesn't take the shopping bags with him to the store. I cut the bags into strips, tied the strips together and wound up my own brand of "yarn". I'll be crocheting this into an open weave produce bag. Very eco-friendly :) just in time for EarthDay!

Okay, so, I took way more pictures Wednesday than I did on either Monday or Tuesday. I tried to include more shots of stuff we do around the house, shots of what our environment looks like. I even took some pictures of the squirrel that I pass everyday on my way to the laundry/mail room. I'm beginning to see that there are a lot of things I really should be documenting. I'm so glad I joined in on this project!

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