Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in the Life of Us - 2010 - Thursday

Normally I am still asleep when Chad heads off to work. But this morning I needed to be up early to get my marathon training in. So I was able to snap Chad on his way out the door this morning.
and then I snapped a picture of myself getting ready for that 5 miles!
J having cereal while watching some cartoons. He gets pretty engrossed in his shows.
After my walk, J and I went down to the field for some batting/pitching practice. Luckily, Coach Mike and his boys were there getting the field ready for tonight. That's me in the catcher's gear. The boys find me really hilarious.
When we got home from practice it was lunch time. J and K had PB&J and K had a grapefruit with it.
I was going to have Tuna Salad for lunch but these Whole Wheat Banana Blueberry Pancakes were still in the fridge so I  had those for lunch instead!
After lunch, and helping with school work, I finally got around to my shower. After that I had to do today's batch of laundry. It really is an everyday thing. I skipped laundry on Tuesday and ended up having to do two loads on Wednesday. Tomorrow's load of laundry is already sorted and waiting for me :)
We actually got mail today!
The kids were all outside playing so I snapped some pictures of them goofing around and making faces at me.
My outfit today.
We spent a little time on the couch getting computer work done.
Down to the ballfield after dinner. First stop: concession stand!
Only after the concession stuff was taken care of did Chad stop to watch a game.
While watching the game on field #1 we saw the rocket launch! It was pretty cool. I didn't have my camera out when we first saw it and by the time I had it out to take a picture all that was left was the smoke trail.
While the last game was playing out, the kids were on an empty field having a game of their own.
Tonight is Project Runway and I try not to miss it. We settled in to watch the show and K wanted to see what I had posted so she plopped down between us. Then J decided to settle on my lap since there was no other place for him to relax. We don't fit on this tiny little couch very well, at least, not now that the kids have grown!

I took lots of pictures today. There is a definite ritual to our days. Three more days to go!

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