Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue Springs State Park

So, I missed Friday's post. :(  But I have a good reason! We went to see the Manatees!
The mamas and babies were sooo cute! You don't get to see this at SeaWorld!

I took lots of pictures, but only a handful turned out really nice. I think it's time I invest in some lenses.

Being a northerner, this always startles me. If the manatees weren't in the spring run, I'm sure Chad and the kids would've gone for a dip, just like they did last year at the Manatee Springs State Park. Makes me a Nervous Nellie. I watched them like a hawk.

The day ended rather abruptly when J managed to jam a chunk of wood under a fingernail. We tried the Urgent Care in the area, but they had a 2 hour wait! So we just went home and tried to get it out ourselves. He's slathered with drawing salve. Hopefully we can remove it without a hefty price tag. :(

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