Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Project 365 designs!

I did it! I actually designed my own cards for my Project 365! I found a color palette that I liked from one of the fabulous artists at COLOURlovers. I found several I'd like to use someday, but I could only pick one! Then I loaded it into my Adobe Photoshop Elements program and starting playing around. I went through several versions before I settled on a design that I really, really, love.
Here are some of my cards:

These 4 cards are for that empty 8th day-of-the-week spot

This is my favorite Week Of card!

And check it out! I figured out how to make the striped bottom with the curved corners like in the Becky Higgins 2009 set! It took 3 tries and quite a bit of logical thinking to get it right, but I DID IT!
Whooohooo! I love it!

Now I just need to order some divided page protectors and pick up an album and I'm ready to go. I've already printed January's pictures and I'm anxious to get them scrapped. But, with everything I have on my plate now, I have a hunch February will be almost over before I get around to it :( 

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