Friday, February 05, 2010

New cookie cutters!

I don't have any cookie cutters here in Florida. They are all in storage back in Michigan. I didn't think I'd need any here because it's always so hot, baking makes it miserable. But now we're having nice, cool weather (some would say cold) and I have no cookie cutters.
So I broke down and  bought some! (good sale!)
I bought a set of 3 heart-shaped cookie cutters. They're very cute. We made some brownies and I practiced using my cute new cutters. Yummy!

Anytime I've needed cookies before, I 've just used a plastic drinking cup and made circles. Like these I made for J's baseball team last spring

and the ornament cookies I made at Christmas

Straight forward and simple, still yummy. But I'd really like to have some of my special cookie cutters right about now. This cool weather doesn't come around often in sunny Florida!

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