Saturday, February 06, 2010

It's my Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! It's the birthday almost all women dread: 39!
(not me!)
I can't believe it. I certainly don't feel it. Nor do I look it :)

 One of my big projects for this year is an "all-about-me" scrapbook. Cause let's face it, I don't show up in the family scrapbooks all that often! :(   The idea is to answer a question about me, my childhood, my interests, etc, on a regular basis, I was thinking bi-weekly- but if I get really ambitious I'll try for daily, to use in the scrapbook. The hardest part will be finding pictures to go with some of these. I don't have a lot of childhood photos to choose from at the moment. I have a list of a hundred or so questions, that I'll answer randomly. This project will start tomorrow. Today, I'm just going to have fun!

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