Thursday, February 11, 2010

Journaling Me: Favorite Scents

What scent would you like to bottle as a perfume?

Scents that I love:

I have a nice little collection of crayons now. Even some boxes from many, many years ago! The smell of crayons takes me right back to those lovely fairytale coloring books and my big bucket of crayon pieces. I still have that big book of fairytales. My childhood bucket of crayons is long gone.


Living in Buchanan for 6 years meant no yard. So when we took this house for a few months, having the grass cut was especially wonderful, for me anyway, not the guy cutting it.


Burning leaves along the roadway is a hazard, but I still love driving through the open country and enjoying one of the more prevalent scents of autumn. I vividly recall burning leaves along the enbankment of our yard when we were growing up. The kids got to rake them from the yard to the bank and mom and dad were in charge of pulling them over the edge and controlling the fires. We would smell the burning leaves for days afterward. And the charred bank would grow back nice and green every spring.

I love baking. And baking loves me :)  It just doesn't love my waistline ;)

Is there really anything better than a tub of play-doh?! This squishy, smelly stuff really fires up the imagination! When the kids and I celebrated National PlayDoh day in 2008 we had a ton of fun coming up with things for our photo shoot. J made this cute little artist complete with painters palette and K made a dog face and used the ring from the table leg that was visible through the glass as a ring around one eye. So clever!

I don't know that I'd want to bottle any of these scents. I think if I had the scent available all the time it would lose some of it's special powers :) Each time I smell one of these I recall another fun memory.

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