Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where are my Pedal-Pushers?!

Check out my new bike!
I was out walking this morning, getting in some marathon training, and I saw this parked in a yard with a sign that said "For Sale - $20". $20! Can you believe it?! What a deal! There was no one home when I stopped by after my walk, but I left a note and a few hours later the owner rode the bike over to my yard and asked if I was still interested. Was I interested? Ha! I took her for a spin and knew this was my bike. Chad was so tickled with my enjoyment that he paid for it himself! Best $20 spent, ever. It's in pretty good shape, but needs new handle grips and a new seat. No biggie. I was hoping I'd find a girls bike, but this'll work!
It's even my color!

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