Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Knitwit Files vol.2: Checkerboard Scarf - complete!

It's done! After weeks of work (albeit, not daily work) Chad's checkerboard scarf is finally finished! He really likes it. So much that he wore it the very next day with his new coat. It's still cold in the mornings, so I'm glad I finished before it warmed up too much!
Because it's a rib-stitch it likes to roll. There's not enough wool content to block it either :(
The pattern is 4 squares across and after one row is completed, you cut the end color and move it to the beginning of the row. The big thing is to remember to twist the yarns when switching colors so there is no hole between colors. The first row after a color switch is all knit stitches, which makes a nice seam across the wrong side. All the ends have been worked into the seams. There were way more ends with this pattern what with all the changing of colors. I stopped mid way to weave in some of them so it wouldn't take so long once I'd finished the scarf. As much work as this was, I'm thinking I might like to make another one. Only this time using hot pink, black, white, and grey! Wouldn't that be eye-catching! :)

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