Saturday, February 27, 2010

Journaling Me: Sewing Memories

I actually used to have one of these. My mom had picked one up somewhere and stored it in my bedroom. It was just something that took up valuable play space until I took a Home Economics class in 7th grade. That class spurred my passion for sewing. My mom taught me how to thread the machine and I taught myself how to sew stuff on this very old, very cool sewing machine!  It makes me sad to think about how this beautiful machine met a dastardly end when my parents divorced. Anything my mom was unable to get out of the house ended up in a huge bonfire. So sad that my dad was so spiteful that he would destroy her belongings. Everytime I see one of these machines now, I am swept back to my early days of sewing leggings and big jackets, turning old clothes into something new and stitching away at halloween costumes.

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