Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

Yesterday was a pretty yucky day weather-wise. It was dark and overcast when we woke up and it only got worse from there. Normally, Chad and I have been going out for coffee every Friday morning. This week his boss asked him to fill in at another office, so no date for us. Instead, the kids and I went to Panera Bread for breakfast and hung out for the day. I took my camera with me, but when I pulled it out to take some pictures of us enjoying our yummy baked goods, I realized that I'd forgotten to put the battery back in! doh! So no pictures from our mornings jaunts.

Immediately upon getting home, I put the battery back in my camera so it'd be ready.

Barely a handful of minutes after we got home it started to rain. And I mean rain. Luckily, I was smart enough to grab a new game while we were at Target! If you haven't tried the new Scrabble Slam! game you just have to go and get it. Best $5.24 I ever spent!

Before we knew it, we'd played 4 games! And it's an extra bonus that it works for homeschooling! Score one for momma :)  And after we'd exhausted our store of 4-letter words, we moved on to another word game: Last Word. This game forces you to think fast. Great game for finding words in a category.

And then we busted out Clue, though our version is a bit older than the one on the link. There are a lot of new Clue games out there that I just might have to invest in :)

We played our first round of Clue in about 5 minutes. So while we set up for the next game we also took a break for lunch. J had PB&J, I had a pulled pork BBQ sandwich, and K asked for PB&Mallow

After a quick bite we played 2 more games of Clue and then cleaned up to bake our Valentines cookies. K was all about the sprinkles. J was all about rolling out the dough. I can't wait to have a full-sized kitchen so we can really do some fun cooking together!

My only job was moving the cut cookies onto the pans and working the oven. Once they were all cooled I pulled out the cookie icings and had some fun. Unfortunately, my sugar cookies always bake up with big bubbles and round tops. I wish I knew the trick to flat cookies. I had to trim them flat to keep the icing from rolling off the edges and making a huge mess.

So even though the weather was icky, we had a great day.

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